Top 5 Anime With Animals

Top 5 Anime With Animals

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Last time i ranked my Top 10 Manga that i wanted to see as Anime and today i’m gonna rank my favorite Anime with Animal protagonists or should i say with animal focus. This list doesn’t include any movies (I might do another list for that)

#5 – Hamtaro (2000)

When it comes to Cute stuff you have to mention Hamtaro at least the original one – not the reboot where hamsters for some reason grew necks (Fugly). While Hamtaro might be aimed for kids and perhaps doesn’t have the most interesting in-depth story, its still decently animated and hamsters are still cute and occasionally funny.

The tone of the sequel is bit different from the original and i think the hamsters were made to look bit stupid to be honest.

#4 – Bananya (2016)

Most people don’t take this anime seriously and neither do i, but its so ridiculous at times, which makes it so fun to watch. Since the episodes are short you don’t have to have long attention span, which is probably part of the appeal.

I Think the anime is very visually pleasing and its still rather moe at times, it also doesn’t take itself that seriously (Lot of the people watching this one don’t seem to get that however).

#3 – Alfred J. Kwak (1989)

Alfred is one of my favorite childhood series, it kinda takes place in a fictional Netherlands mixing different time periods and themes. It’s quite a redpill series in a way, there will be episodes where they display Famine, Poverty, Fascism, Activism, Climate Change, Islam, Racism, Dictatorship, Love and many other adult concepts.

This has to be one of the few series which are extremely educational & entertaining at the same time. Having bunch of few episode arcs and on-going progress around the protagonist Alfred J. Kwak who lost his parents and siblings in his early youth and was adopted by a Mole who raises him.

I recently reviewed it on my channel if you are interested to know more about this old masterpiece.

#2 – Shirokuma Cafe (2012)

Here is an another great Animal Anime that doesn’t take itself very seriously. Shirokuma Cafe has probably one of the best openings of 2012 to be honest. Combination of silly comedy and having very modest slice of feel to it, which makes you feel very relaxed and lets you just get absorbed into all silliness around the series.

Also the art style and the animation is very artistic and cool in its own way, which i found very appealing.

#1 – Silverfang (1986)

Another Childhood classic from my past – Silverfang (Ginga Nagareboshi Gin) is a story about a family line of Dog’s that are trained to hunt Bears. The Story follows Son of Riki (Silverfang) who is born at the beginning of the anime, which is adopted by a local bear hunter legend to follow the footsteps of Riki and Riki’s father who was killed by a Giant Bear known as Akatabuto (Main antagonist). After a while Silverfang will leave his human masters and joins a Dog Army who are set to rally dogs all across Japan for a final fight against Akatabuto and his Bear followers.

Silverfang is absolutely one of the best anime ive seen in lot of ways its rather unique in its concept and setting – there is nothing like it out there (Except the sequel). Its like Bereserk with Dogs, there is lot of bloody scenes and fights it has great story from start to finish and even being quite old anime its very well animated and has aged rather well

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