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This is my own personal list. I have been watching/reading Shonen Jump stuff for a very long time. I am a huge fan, everything from watching the series to buying and reading the magazines. This list was hard for me to make because of just how many great Shonen Jump titles there are. Let us know your top Shonen Jump list too! (These dates will be listed as M-DATE or A-DATE as manga and anime release dates.

10. Tennis no Ouji-sama (Prince of Tennis) (M-1999) (A-2001)

Prince of Tennis is one of those series I read quite a while ago. I remember in middle school going to the library and them having the whole collection of Prince of Tennis, I would check them out and read them and bring them back each day for new ones. This is one of the early memories I have of actually really getting into reading manga and it was great times, so this series will always stay close to my heart.

The world of tennis is harsh and highly competitive. Numerous schools from Japan battle it out to determine the best of the best.

Seishin Gakuen Junior High School, more commonly known as Seigaku, is one of the most prominent contestants in this battle of the finest. Their team line-up gets even stronger with the sudden arrival of a young prodigy from the West, Ryouma Echizen, who is determined to prove himself and escape the towering shadow of his legendary father. This fine addition changes the team forever.

9. Dragon Ball (M-1984) (A-1986)

Dragon Ball is one of those series for me that stood out in that era of 90’s American dubs on Toonami and has stuck with me ever since. I remember as a kid watching through Toonami and having a great time. All of these series so far ahead of the time compared to American television it just could not come close to all of these amazing shows. Then again as a kid I just looked at them as cartoons not knowing any better. None the less Dragon Ball still holds a special place in my heart as well.

Gokuu Son is a young boy who lives in the woods all alone—that is, until a girl named Bulma runs into him in her search for a set of magical objects called the “Dragon Balls.” Since the artifacts are said to grant one wish to whoever collects all seven, Bulma hopes to gather them and wish for a perfect boyfriend. Gokuu happens to be in possession of a dragon ball, but unfortunately for Bulma, he refuses to part ways with it, so she makes him a deal: he can tag along on her journey if he lets her borrow the dragon ball’s power. With that, the two set off on the journey of a lifetime.

8. Rurouni Kenshin (M-1994) (A-1996)

Rurouni Kenshin is one of those series as a kid I saw on Toonami and was totally shocked. How violent and awesome this series was, and of course not being allowed to watch it made me want to even more! Honestly this is probably the most violent thing I had watched and going on into the future the most violent thing I’d watch for quite a while. This is one that stands out just due to its different feel compared to others.

In the final years of the Bakumatsu era lived a legendary assassin known as Hitokiri Battousai. Feared as a merciless killer, he was unmatched throughout the country, but mysteriously disappeared at the peak of the Japanese Revolution. It has been ten peaceful years since then, but the very mention of Battousai still strikes terror into the hearts of war veterans.

7. Haikyuu!! (M-2012) (A-2014)

Haikyuu!! is one of these series in the new age of Shonen Jump that I would say is helping it stay alive! There are many people I hear saying that Shonen Jump is dying but obviously must be sleeping on series like this. I have to say the last thing I thought was that I would fall in love with a volleyball series but I did! This honestly gives you not only some great action sports scenes but an amazing story to go along with it. (Which I feel a ton of sport series lack a good story).

Inspired after watching a volleyball ace nicknamed “Little Giant” in action, small-statured Shouyou Hinata revives the volleyball club at his middle school. The newly-formed team even makes it to a tournament; however, their first match turns out to be their last when they are brutally squashed by the “King of the Court,” Tobio Kageyama. Hinata vows to surpass Kageyama, and so after graduating from middle school, he joins Karasuno High School’s volleyball team—only to find that his sworn rival, Kageyama, is now his teammate.

6. Shaman King (M-1998) (A-2001)

Shaman King will probably always stay special to me because this is the time when I started watching more and more anime before I took a break. But I have to say this series is incredible and I love it. That being said I have only watched the TV Anime and have heard the Manga is much better so maybe at some point when I read it, this series will raise higher on my list. But none the less this series will always be a special one to me!

A battle is about to begin in Tokyo: the Shaman Fight, a tournament held every five hundred years where shaman—those who can command spirits—confront each other in combat. The victor of this contest becomes the Shaman King and the only one who is able to contact and control the Great Spirit, allowing them to reshape the world as they please through its immense power.

5. Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) (M-2014) (A-2016)

My Hero Academia just had to be on this list, it is in this new age of Shonen Jump and has so far blown me away. With the first season getting an anime I did not have much hope going in but soon changed from the first episode each episode got better and better. With the second season currently airing I have to say My Hero Academia is going up and up on my list. Fantastic fantastic series…

The appearance of “quirks,” newly discovered super powers, has been steadily increasing over the years, with 80 percent of humanity possessing various abilities from manipulation of elements to shapeshifting. This leaves the remainder of the world completely powerless, and Izuku Midoriya is one such individual.

4. Yuu Yuu Hakusho (M-1990) (A-1992)

Yuu Yuu Hakusho will always be up there in one of the best Shonen Jump anime for me. This is one of those anime that I was so sucked into and so addicted to. I remember it airing on Toonami and just falling in love with the series. I also ended up buying some of Shonen Jump Magazine to read it as well and just totally fell in love with this series. It will always stay as a masterpiece in my eyes and always be one of those series I look at and say that is what real anime is like.

One fateful day, Yuusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old delinquent with a dim future, gets a miraculous chance to turn it all around when he throws himself in front of a moving car to save a young boy. His ultimate sacrifice is so out of character that the authorities of the spirit realm are not yet prepared to let him pass on. Koenma, heir to the throne of the spirit realm, offers Yuusuke an opportunity to regain his life through completion of a series of tasks. With the guidance of the death god Botan, he is to thwart evil presences on Earth as a Spirit Detective.

3. One Piece (M-1997) (A-1999)

One Piece is one of those series I started as a kid on Toonami but then feel out of watching anime. I watched quite a good amount as a kid and recently picked it up and started watching more and just fall in love with it more and more. With such an incredible story and characters you can’t help but fall in love with the world. One Piece will be one of these series I will love for quite a while just due to the fact I will be watching FOREVER to catch up. But none the less still love the series and the huge amount of episodes is great because it feels like it will never end.

Gol D. Roger was known as the “Pirate King,” the strongest and most infamous being to have sailed the Grand Line. The capture and death of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world. His last words before his death revealed the existence of the greatest treasure in the world, One Piece. It was this revelation that brought about the Grand Age of Pirates, men who dreamed of finding One Piece—which promises an unlimited amount of riches and fame—and quite possibly the pinnacle of glory and the title of the Pirate King.

2. Hikaru no Go (M-1998) (A-2001)

Hikaru no Go is one of those series I credit for my love of Manga I remember reading this series and just falling in love with it. Later on watching the anime and having the same love for it. It also got me into playing Go which made me quite a lot of friends that I will always remember. Just an amazing time in my life thanks to this series. This will always stay in my books as one of the best Anime/Manga I have ever Watched/Read just due to everything that came from it. I recently watched the series and honestly loved it more then I did in the past. This is one of those manga and anime I could always go back and rewatch and reread.

12-year-old Shindou Hikaru is just your average 6th grader. One day, while searching through his grandfather’s attic, he comes across an old Go board. Upon touching the Go board, Hikaru is possessed by the spirit of Fujiwara no Sai, and continues to be haunted by him soon after. Sai was once a great Go player, who committed suicide and continued to stay in the world as a spirit desiring only to play Go once again. Finally bending to Sai’s pleas, Hikaru allows Sai to play Go through himself, unknowingly attempting the first game with the young prodigy Touya Akira. Time has finally started moving, as Sai’s quest for the perfect game, “The Hand of God”, is set underway. Based on the manga by Yumi Hotta and Takeshi Obata.

1. Hunter x Hunter 2011 (M-1999) (A-2011)

Hunter x Hunter what can I say about this series besides wanna know what a masterpiece is like watch this anime! This is one of those series I did not watch the original for and did not read the manga for but once I watched the 2011 anime (thanks to my friend Travis) I fell in love with it. I just can’t express all my feelings in such a sort description but all I can say is this has everything you could ever want for a anime all wrapped up in one. Hopefully we get to see more from the Anime but even if not I am still satisfied with the amazing series we did get. If you have not watched please do yourself a favor and watch it!

Hunter x Hunter is set in a world where Hunters exist to perform all manner of dangerous tasks like capturing criminals and bravely searching for lost treasures in uncharted territories. Twelve-year-old Gon Freecss is determined to become the best Hunter possible in hopes of finding his father, who was a Hunter himself and had long ago abandoned his young son. However, Gon soon realizes the path to achieving his goals is far more challenging than he could have ever imagined.

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  • Killsqu8d

    I’ve heard HxH is good I just looks to childish for my tastes

    • Norto Mannus

      I used to think like you… and what a mistake that would have been, had I not tried it anyway. Hunter X Hunter is not only good: no other shounen is even close to holding the candle to it.

      Yes, it’s weird: weird looks, weird characters (including a vicious pedoclown, actual furries, transvestite kids, etc), weird author (spends most of his time not releasing due to back pain and/or addiction to Dragon Quest: but who cares when he releases what he does? Should he eventually fail to end the story, it’d still be worth it to me, no hesitation), weird everything. That’s a fact.

      But try it. Really do. All that’s superficially weird in HxH doesn’t even scratch the surface of all that’s so great therein. Also, the Madhouse 2011 adaptation is a jewel (though it doesn’t cover the last arc, which is still being written), and a great stepping stone to reading the books (started “watching” it on TV from the corner of my eyes while on my laptop, when spending lots of time bed ridden due to recovering from a a bad health event… and couldn’t help but get hooked up).

      • Killsqu8d

        Not even Naruto holds a flame to it? Thats a bold claim

        • Norto Mannus

          I actually do like Naruto (seems a lot of people display snobism as to that series, but it really is not my case, even though I wouldn’t define myself as an easy audience by any mean). And I maintain my claim. HxH is leagues above it.

          The chakra tree backstory is great, but the HxH world is a lot crazier (no contest, really). The ninja families feuds leading to the hidden villages “balance” is good, but it pales in comparison to the character buildup allowed by such a crazy organization as the Hunters/nen users, or places like Meteor City. The chakra techniques are inventive, but bland compared to how nen is developed. Naruto is a great execution of the eternal “spring of youth” shounen theme, but HxH goes much deeper as far as mankind is explored (before discovering it, I shared your presumptions about HxH looking childish, and that’s why I wanted to answer you: you couldn’t be farther from the truth).

          It’s like comparing Gantz and Dorohedoro. Gantz is a great classic, but Dorohedoro is a masterpiece. Naruto is a great classic, but HxH is a masterpiece. Really.

          • Killsqu8d

            Nen. What is that ?

          • Norto Mannus

            The HxH equivalent of chakra, ki, etc.

          • Killsqu8d

            So why is the art style so childish looking?

          • Norto Mannus

            Because Togashi is weird, probably. Though it also is because of his weirdness that HxH ends up being so good.

            Anyway, though it indeed seems childish at the beginning, you’ll soon see sickos like Hisoka (the pedoclown) and the Phantom Troupe, who are all but soft. Not even speaking of the Chimera Ants (the actual furries) fights.

            For instance, Gon may be a very strange looking kid (green short shorts and assorted moonboots, with the occasional wifebeater when it’s hot), but when he meets Pitou for the second time (towards the end of the written series), you shouldn’t be able to care less about his doubtful attire.

            HxH’s benine first impression is very misleading. It actually is a deeply twisted and brutal manga. Believe it or not, but that’s what it is.

          • Killsqu8d

            I’m interested. How many episodes(dubbed) is the 2011 reboot on? How many are planned?

          • Norto Mannus

            148 episodes covering all but one arc, only 2 episodes being (recap) fillers. Not sure about the English dub (they’re all dubbed in French, which is how I discovered it, but I believe quite few, around 40, are dubbed in English). Beware, there indeed are two adaptations (1999 and 2011, last one being much prettier and covers much more, noticeably the Chimera Ants arc, imho the best one). It still is one of those things deserving the effort of watching it subbed, even if you generally prefer dubbing.

            Last arc is still being written (and pretty much at its beginning; you probably will yearn on reading it once you’ve watched the anime), but seeing as Togashi publishes very irregularly (HxH’s only fault, once you go beyong the first look…), they won’t be adapted anytime soon. It kinda is a Berserk kind of deal: you don’t know when and if it’ll be finished, but it would still be worth it a lot if it wasn’t (fwiw, the 2011 anime, though not covering the last arc, ends in a quite satisfying way).

          • Killsqu8d

            Wait you’re telling me Berserk is still incomplete?

          • Norto Mannus

            Yeah, but Miura has been releasing two months out of three for a year. Seeing his history, it’s about as much on fire as he can be. Could be worse. Could be much worse, eg Bastard!!…