THE REFLECTION WAVE ONE – A New Anime Project by Stan Lee & Hiroshi Nagahama

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Stan Lee & Hiroshi Nagahama are working on a new anime project called “THE REFLECTION WAVE ONE” that is slated to premier in June 2017. We don’t know much about the anime yet, however some info regarding the story was released.

The premise seems to be about an event called “THE REFLECTION Incident” which killed a lot of people and also at the same time gave powers to a bunch of random people, some becoming villains or heroes. The cause of “THE REFLECTION” is surrounded with mystery and begs the questions what was the purpose of it & why did it happen?

Stan Lee is very excited about the project and has expressed that the team working on the project is very talented and capable of doing great work. An English version is not announced yet, but Japanese air time is on Saturdays at 11:00 (12 episodes commissioned to my understanding).

Original: Stan Lee / Hiroshi Nagahama
Director: Hiroshi Nagahama
Screenplay: Yuuki Suzuki
Music Producer: Trevor Horn
Character Design: Yoshihiko Magoshige
ED Theme: 9nine
Animation Production: Studio Dean
Production & Copyright: THE REFLECTION Production Committee

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