Similarities Between North Korea and Shingeki No Kyojin

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Spoiler Warning! If you are not caught with the recent chapters of the manga ~90 you might wanna bookmark this and read later!

So ever since Eren and his friends made it to his fathers basement and found his secret journal where he had written his own life story. After they started to explain that humanity wasn’t fully extinct and there was some of them living outside the walls i started to draw lot of Parallels with North Korea and Attack On Titan.

  • One of the first things that i found similar was the fact that people were kept in total illusion what the outside world was like – in North Korea the population are told that famine, technology, poverty are on same level outside North Korea as well. In similar fashion the King Of Paradis had removed the memories of the Great Titan War and the fact they had traveled to Paradis from another land.
  • Venturing outside the walls was also one of those things that wasn’t really “promoted” same way in North Korea citizens are unable to move from city to city, there is practically a curfew where people can’t leave their home town or travel in general. Not everyone however in North Korea believe the lies of the government
  • Propaganda is also another thing that is prominent on North Korea also and so it is in Resistance force who tried to overthrow Marley and in a sense Marley them too had propaganda speeches in the streets of their cities to tell the horrors that eldians have done.
  • Technology is big thing too, Marley having Steam Machines & Zeppelins while Paradis still stuck with using swords and rather simple technology. This is also comparable to situation in North Korea, people there dont have cellphones, internet, computers or any advanced machinery unless its the military we are talking about, which is comparable to Paradis which seems to have all technological advancements in weaponry
  • Poverty & Famine are also touched on Attack on Titan maybe not in large scale, but still relevant elements in the livelyhoods of the people in Paradis, while in North Korea famously you had millions of people dying in famine at 90’s

Military is also a thing that is somewhat similar in both instances, you have Recon corps and other people of Paradis in brown uniforms similar to North Korea while Marley soldiers have Dark Blue one’s that are similar to Police & Special Forces in South Korea. These obviously could be just coincidences but thats something to definitely chew on.

  • Military promotion is on same level, lot of the time the people who enlist in North Korean Army actually have a very good life and have food and all that. Similar to Attack on Titan Eren dreamed to be a part of Recon corps and fantasized serving his country pretty much and there is that similar nationalistic pride in serving at North Korea as well.
  • Also the training arc in the manga/anime did somehow remind me of the videos of North Korean soldiers showing their martial arts skills and strength in general.
  • You will also see a slave camp / concretion camp at later parts of Attack on Titan, which are things that do exist in North Korea too.

One of the things i also paid attention to was the OST and Opening songs of Attack on titan which are rather symphonic and every opening has a Choir singing on the background which is rather similar to lot of North Korean Music, which are rather ultra patriotic in terms of the lyrics (this is not the case that much with Attack On Titan).

As a final note i wanna say these are just simple theories and i probably missed lot of things as well which are probably somewhat similar (More explained on video above). You are welcome to present your theories as well below

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