Suka Suka Episode 11 Review

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Well that was quite an episode. After several character-focused episodes, Suka Suka’s plot is finally picking up in time for the finale next week. This episode had a lot going on, which is both good and bad. I’m glad to see the narrative picking up more, but there’s only one episode left and I can’t see how Suka Suka could pull off a satisfying conclusion with so much left to resolve.

This episode started off slow, with Chtholly and Willem trying to figure out exactly what their relationship is now that they’ve both confessed their love and Willem proposed. While I still have some reservations about their relationship’s foundations, I have to admit they’re pretty cute together. Seeing both of them stammering and blushing while trying to talk is kind of adorable, especially with how controlled Willem normally is. This segment runs a little longer than it needs to (Rhan’s monologue about happiness is also pretty unnecessary) but it’s still charming enough.

Willem and Chtholly being cute together is only a small part of the episode, though. The bulk of the episode comes after the two of them, along with Grick, fall into the underground tunnels after the beasts attack the expedition and cause a small earthquake. They make their way out fairly quickly, but not before Elq forces Chtholly to go deeper into the tunnels. While chasing her, Willem and Grick discover Elq’s body imprisoned in a similar manner to Willem when he first woke up. What this means isn’t immediately clear, but it’s obviously setting up for something important.

The meat of the episode comes from the reveal that Elq was actually a goddess leading the beings that Willem fought against and that their goal was to wipe out humanity before humans destroyed the world. This casts Willem and Chtholly’s relationship in a new light. Willem is essentially in love with the leader of the beings he opposed in his youth. I’m not sure how much Suka Suka will be able to address it, but there’s quite a bit of potential here. With Chtholly’s fading sped up to the point where she’s barely conscious, we’ll likely see more next week. For all that she’s fading, though, Chtholly is still herself. Her comment that she’s still herself as long as her feelings and relationships remain is one of the most powerful lines of the episode.

While Chtholly’s unconscious, Willem starts to have some real doubts about his own feelings. He starts to wonder if he really cares for Chtholly herself, or if he’s just using her as a substitute for all the people he’s lost. This makes for some pretty compelling development, even if, once again, I’m not sure if there’s enough time left to adequately address it.

The other highlight this week was a rare action scene where Ren holds off some of the beasts attacking the ship. It’s not very long, but it’s still the longest fight we’ve seen outside of the opening and is pretty intense. There’s a lot blood involved and Ren’s eyes turning red from overusing her power adds a real sense of tension to the fight. It turns out Suka Suka can pull off some pretty good action when it tries to.

This was probably the busiest episode of Suka Suka yet. With everything coming to a head next week, I’m looking forward to seeing how all this is going to end. It looks like we’re going to get a read-the-novel ending, but hopefully the immediate plot will at least be resolved.

Rating: B+


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