Love Tyrant Episode 5 Review

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WELL DAMN, this has to be the best episode yet. With the direction they went with the last episode I assumed they were toning down the humor and focusing more on plot, but this episode proves me dead wrong. Major plot progression along with copious amounts of humor make this one of the best episodes of the season. This episode delves into Guri’s backstory, introduces a multitude of new characters, and reveals a covert connection between Akane and Shikimi, all while making us tear up laughing. This episode proves that this is much more than just a typical gag anime, it has a not-so-shallow plot, and has us emotionally invested in these characters more than we realize.

This episode starts off exactly where the last one left off, Seiji trapped in the warehouse with the crazy pink-haired masochist, Shikimi. She is about to kill him when Akane and Yuzu find him and attempt to rescue him, but end up getting apprehended as well. The mini fight scenes throughout the series involving Akane are part of what make this anime stand out from the rest. In this episode she finally meets her match, or so we think. Even though she starts the fight vigorously, she nearly gives up when Shikimi steals all her knives. But she then retaliates with a hidden blade she has stored in her hair. Shikimi gets cut, but enjoys it (masochist…) and that leaves Akane truly out of options. Guri then arrives (in typical Guri fashion) and saves them all while incidentally almost adding Shikimi to the love triangle by means of the kiss note. Guri’s optimism in people and ability to sense love are part of why she is so lovable as a character, but they also can lead to her downfall, as it almost happened here. A special connection between Shikimi and Akane is hinted at but never elaborated on as Akane seems extremely reluctant to share the information with Seiji, and Shikimi never got the chance. I would assume based on their interactions they are related in some fashion, but that is just speculation. That being said, this is far from the last we’re going to see of Shikimi, as the events in this episode paint her as the main antagonist of the series going forward.

Guri’s previously unknown origin is a major plot point in this episode. We get to meet her father, who just so happens to be God. He turns out to be quite the wacky character, probably a person you would least expect to be God, but he rules heaven regardless. We learn that Guri is the next successor to be Kami, but she has no interest whatsoever, as she is a free spirit. We already know this just by watching her character and personal quirks throughout the earlier episodes, but this just confirms her free will and lack of conformity. Her father also tells us that she is in love with Seiji, our main character, and tells him to watch over her. Guri was on a subconscious quest for love, according to her father, and she found it with Seiji, even if she doesn’t know it yet. This reveal is fulfilling in its own manner as it gives the show further meaning, since now we know Guri’s purpose, and that Seiji is obliged to achieve it with her. The devil is also introduced to us in this episode as he ironically comes over to heaven to share drinks with God. They are portrayed like an old married couple, constantly bickering, which leads to plenty of humorous moments. He seems to think Guri would make a fantastic queen of hell, which has some merit to it based on her personality and looks, but Kami won’t allow it.

The way this show is going, it will most likely lead to one big final battle between Akane, Guri, Yuzu, and Shikimi over Seiji, and I am looking forward to it. The self-awareness, the over the top humor, and the fact that this whole series is based off a death note parody are all elements that make this show as great as it is. The multiple subplots and storylines this episode introduced speak to the shows brilliance. Overall this episode was the best so far, and I can only see it getting better. Rating A+

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