Pokemon Black 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

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As long as Pokemon has existed, fans have shared their crazy theories about the Anime, Games, and manga. I decided to take a look at one theory about the connection between Pokemon White & Black and the 9/11 Attack.

So one of the things that gave birth to this theory was how Pokemon Black & White map was based on New York. If you take a closer look at the two maps side-by-side, you can see the similarities in shape. The Brooklyn Bridge & Sky Arrow Bridge are similarly placed, Entralink kinda reminds us of Central Park, and Holland Tunnel & Drawbridge are placed in similar spots. New York even have three islands south of the of Manhattan (not visible on the map below) that match the small islands in the Pokemon world. And finally, we have the location of World Trade Center, which is really close to the giant desolate area above Castella City.

It totally makes sense to have a desert/rocky area in a Pokemon game, or many JRPG’s in general, but out of the all spots in the map, they chose this one? You even have a famous Japanese Politician who believes 9/11 was staged. I’m not here to debate whether 9/11 was orchestrated by U.S Government or not, but this desolate area seems to be perfectly placed to be a reference to the 9/11 attacks.

What other Evidence is there?

After looking at the map, the next logical step is to look at how these areas look in-game to make sure that the previous evidence wasn’t just a coincidence. So the very first thing that pops into my mind is the construction site, which was cited in the original Cracked article. Taking a closer look at the whole area, you can see 6 buildings that are being constructed on the left side. The original WTC building (1973 – 2001) consisted of 7 different buildings, but the new version of WTC will have 6 Skyscrapers planned along with a Memorial Museum. Out of the all numbers you could have chosen, Pokemon went with 6 buildings? It could’ve been any number between 2-15 to be honest, but once again, this could just be a simple coincidence. But let’s keep looking and see what else we can find…

So looking further at Route 4 and what other references there could be I came across the NPC’s in the area. I guess the obvious correlation here is that they are “workers”,which would mean they are a reference to construction workers rebuilding the 9/11 towers. The second point is that all of them have the Pokemon Timburr, which carries a squared log that is associated with construction in general. Another thing that captured my attention was the name テツゾウ Tetsuzō, which was translated into Shelby. So here it is where it gets really interesting. The word “tetsu” means iron and the word Kōtetsu means “steel”. So you may wonder what does this have to do with anything? Well a lot of the 9/11 claims were focused on the fact that the jet fuel of airplanes cannot melt steel. To my surprise, the name Tetsuzō is also the name of a famous Japanese WW2 Fighter pilot Tetsuzō Iwamoto who even had a movie made about him. So at this point, I’m feeling it’s intentional. Tetsuzō is not even in the top 100 boy names in Japan, so the odds of an NPC getting that name in this area are slim.

Another thing that the Cracked article pointed out was that the Pokemon Kykyuremurem represented the planes. The article cites Kyurem’s lore, stating that it fell as a meteor and caused the devastation in the area next to the city. This, however, was falsely reported by Cracked, as Kyurem fell on Giant Chasm, which is not near the city.

This could be a reference to the 9/11 plane that crashed in a field, but it seems unrelated. Giant Chasm site was also blocked by Team Plasma, which would be a reference to a shadow government not letting citizens to the crash sites. Another claim that they made was that Kyurem’s height was 9’11. After fact-checking, most sources said 9’10 and one even said 9’10.1. This is awfully close if you ask me, but it’s still not the same number.

As for the actual appearance of Kyurem, it’s true that it has a similar gray color and has wings, but birds are often associated with planes (plus it’s a dragon).

But as a closing thought, it was fun to look into this theory and look at some coincidences or potential Easter eggs put there by developers. If it was indeed intentional, I don’t think there was huge political agenda here… most likely just some developer trolling. If you liked this article and want to see more Pokemon theories, leave a comment down below!

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