Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 22 Review

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Bakugo is strong, like insanely strong. You almost feel a pang of empathy for him in this episode as the whole crowd including the announcer ignorantly turn against him for laying into Ochaco. But he ultimately doesn’t care, because he is Bakugo, and he was just being pre-cautious for the most part. If anything this shows Bakugo doesn’t underestimate anyone, which is a vital attribute for a hero to have. This episode also shows that Ochaco’s motive for becoming a hero is just as heartfelt and meaningful as her classmates, which I will get into later in this review. Deku standing up to Endeavor was one of the best moments in this episode, it shows how much he has matured and grown during his time at U.A., the Midoriya from season one would never even have thought to say that to a world class hero, much less say it with a straight face. The mutual respect Todoroki and Midoriya have for each other as rivals is admirable, as showcased openly there.

The episode starts off where last weeks episode ended, the start of the evidently unfair fight between Ochaco and Bakugo. Midoriya devises a plan for Ochaco to use during the fight, but she refuses out of pride and determination to win on her own. Ochaco is one of the mentally strongest female characters this show has, and this episode is the evidence. Even in the face of overwhelming adversity, she still manages to pull herself together and fight her hardest, an attribute even some of the male characters are lacking in this show. She devises two plans on her own to defeat Bakugo, and she comes pretty close to successfully executing both of them. Her first plan is to avoid one of his explosions and touch him to make him float, she gets within mere inches of him but his reaction time is simply too fast. Her second plan is to continue charging him and every time he causes an explosion make the pieces float, and eventually rain hell down on him. She executes this one, but Bakugo blows all the shards away with one explosion, leaving Ochaco completely out of options. Bakugo is immensely powerful as it is, but his explosion ability seems to be improving, making his case for being the most powerful student in Class 1-A. His tragic flaw is his unchecked aggression and tendency to act irrationally based on his emotions, which prove not much of a hinderance due to his sheer power.

Ochaco ends up losing the fight (we all saw it coming) and immediately calls her parents to apologize after the fight. This is a direct response to talk of her motive not being up to par with her classmates; she wants money to take care of her family, and promises them a trip to hawaii over the phone once she gets it. This is an emotional moment for both Ochaco and the audience as we learn how much her motive actually means to her and that she is willing to do anything it takes to achieve it. This episode had many great moments of heartfelt nuance as well as impressive action scenes between Bakugo and Ochaco. But it mainly left me anxious for one of my most anticipated battles, IZUKU VS TODOROKI, ITS FINALLY TIME. Rating: A

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    Great episode 👊🏾 Bakugo is a savage!