Live-Action Kids on the Slope Film Reveals More Cast Members

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Yuki Kodama’s Sakamichi no Apollon or Kids on the Slope official blog for the live-action has revealed additional cast members for the film.

Cast members include:

  • Erica Mano as Yurika Fukahori (Left Picture)
  • Dean Fujioka as Junichi Katsuragi (Middle Picture)
  • Baijaku Nakamura as Tsutomu Mukae (Right Picture)

The film will star Yuri Chinen as Kaoru Nishimi, Taishi Nakagawa as Sentarō Kawabuchi, and Nana Komatsu as Ritsuko Mukae.

The film is slated to open in 2018 in Japan. Takahiro Miki will be directing the film, and Izumi Takahashi will be writing the script.

The series is described as:

Introverted classical pianist and top student Kaoru Nishimi has just arrived in Kyushu for his first year of high school. Having constantly moved from place to place since his childhood, he abandons all hope of fitting in, preparing himself for another lonely, meaningless year. That is, until he encounters the notorious delinquent Sentarou Kawabuchi.

Sentarou’s immeasurable love for jazz music inspires Kaoru to learn more about the genre, and as a result, he slowly starts to break out of his shell, making his very first friend. Kaoru begins playing the piano at after-school jazz sessions, located in the basement of fellow student Ritsuko Mukae’s family-owned record shop. As he discovers the immense joy of using his musical talents to bring enjoyment to himself and others, Kaoru’s summer might just crescendo into one that he will remember forever.

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