Armed Girl's Machiavellism Episode 6 Review

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Every girl in the school has seemingly fallen for Nomura after the broadcasted fight he had with Warabi’s pet bear. This is a very humor filled episode that is still layered with tons of plot and character development. Rin and Mary are not-so-secretly jealous of all the new attention Nomura is getting, and have become extra pretentious around him as a result. The deep affection Rin and Mary both have for Nomura but are too scared to admit will definitely lead to conflict in the series down the line, even though it’s safe to assume at this point a Rin and Nomura ship.

Rin and Mary’s jealousy that day turns into immense anger in the night as they plan to attempt to correct him again the next day. Rin is reluctant, (because of her strong feelings for him) but agrees anyway, giving in to her jealously. This type of irrational emotional decision they make accurately reflects what every high school boy/girl has gone through at some point due to mind numbing jealously. Nomura and Kusuo have dinner and hang out that same night and during the night Kusuo see’s someone watching Nomura and gets suspicious, but doesn’t inform Nomura.

This relationship does a great job of highlighting the characteristics of men on both sides of the isle, the corrected and the non-corrected. Kusuo has already been beaten and consumed by the system, while Nomura is still a free soul, this creates an interesting dynamic between them  as Kusuo has the most experience at this school and knows how the girls think and act better than anyone, leaving him the responsibility of acting as a guide for Nomura. It kind of makes me wonder about Kusuo as a character and the amount of jealously he must be feeling towards Nomura. Kusuo obviously doesn’t have the skill level to defend himself if he started dressing like a man again, but with Nomura’s success so far he must be considering it.

Nomura and the girls meet-up the next day but the girls decide not to correct him because of his recognition of their attire/perfume. However they find a lewd photo of him and Satori in his pocket and change their minds. Rin starts crying, which basically admits her strong feelings for Nomura, but that shock quickly turns into anger as they start chasing him with swords. The rest of the episode revolves around Nomura avoiding the two girls with the unlikely help of Warabi. Nomura also realizes he has been set up and wants the find the reason why. He still hasn’t gotten the stamp from Satori, so it’s safe to assume we’re going to see a duel in the next episode.

The most impactful part of this episode was the opening scene, where Rin decides to wear only a fraction of her mask even though she has a new one. It flashes back to Nomura telling her she looks cute under the mask, portraying that as the basis for her decision. This reveals Rin wears the mask because of lack of self-confidence, and that it goes deeper than just “I am the leader of the Five Swords”. We see just how much Nomura has impacted her off of this decision, and the reason why she burst out in tears when she suspects him of cheating. Overall this episode had many great, emotionally satisfying moments and was by far the funniest in the series. Definitely the best episode thus far. Rating: A+

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