Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 5 Review

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Hmmmmm. This episode had its moments, both good and bad. Mitsuki, who gets introduced in this episode, is the most interesting character so far in this series. His superior fighting ability, his knowledge of almost every jutsu, and his robotic personality just add even more to the intrigue & mystery surrounding him. The show subtly hints at who his dad is during Mitsuki’s introduction, and anyone who’s watched Naruto should be able to infer he’s Orichimaru’s presumable son off of that. The pacing for this episode felt a little off throughout, and the moments that should’ve showcased the chemistry between the students just made it seem really awkward. I get Mitsuki is supposed to be a strange, out of it, character but the dynamic just between Boruto, Shikidai, and the rest of the students felt out of place and awkward as well, a flow that has been established since the first episode.

A better part of this episode was the bits of character development we got out of Shino, as he has pretty much been a drone through the earlier episodes. He goes to a bar with a retired teacher who tells him he was never cut out to be a teacher, but she supports him and appreciates his effort regardless. He takes this to heart as he has been questioning his teaching abilities since he started. It’s quite apparent now that Shino has been dealing with this inner struggle for quite some time, but feels like he owes a debt to the village for helping him find friends. This, we realize, was his drive to become a teacher, an unanswered question that has surely popped up into your mind before. Shino senseii then proceeds to throw a party for the newly transferred Mitsuki, but that turns into a disaster as all the bugs he was using to move the objects escaped. Mitsuki (in typical Mitsuki fashion) tries to help the situation by blowing all the bugs away, but only ends up creating more of a mess by hitting the people rebuilding the school with his wind jutsu. This leads to an unnecessary but cool fight scene between the students and a construction worker, who, of course, is consumed with the same evil aura we’ve seen in previous episodes.

Mitsuki comes across as the “too powerful for his own good” character archetype. He nearly chokes out Iwabe, whom he challenged to a duel, and refused to let go until Boruto told him to. He then asks Boruto why he stopped him before he won, and the whole class goes dead silent. The inference here is that Mitsuki is trained to kill, and death really isn’t anything of significance to him. This aspect of Mitsuki’s personality doesn’t really get elaborated anymore throughout episode, but it is certainly something to look forward to in later episodes. Mitsuki’s best and most revealing moment in this episode comes in a 30 second scene, where it looks like he’s talking to himself on a rooftop, but we see a snake crawl up into his sleeve after he finishes. The prospect of Mitsuki being a spy from the Hidden Sound village is exciting and will most likely lead to greater conflict, conflict this show desperately needs to break it apart from other generic slices of life.

Negatives for this episode include the pacing, unintentional awkward interactions between established characters, and redundant use of evil aura to villainize characters. Every show has its ups and downs and this episode had enough redeeming qualities such as Shino and Mitsuki for me to like it. Overall this episode had it’s moments, but the pacing and fluidity of the interactions could’ve definitely used improvements. Rating: C

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