Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season Episode 20 Review

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The first round of the U.A. tournament kicks off with Shinso vs. Midoriya, with Midoriya being the obvious favorite. The amount of character development we get with Shinso in this episode leads me to believe he will be an important character moving forward. His quirk is inherently evil, but he has strong aspirations for being a hero, which makes his character so unique. We learn that Midoriya was informed about Shinso’s quirk capabilities before the match, but still got caught in his mind controlling trap. The only thing that snapped Midoriya out of it was help from the previous bearers of One For All, which ultimately caused his two fingers to explode.

This outlines the kink in Midoriya’s character that we have known for a while, he is overemotional. While this trait has helped him through many tough challenges so far, it is also his tragic flaw. If someone like Shinso can get Midoriya to talk even though he knows he will lose if he does, that’s a problem and could easily be used against him as a hero. Shinso even warns him after the fight that he should be more careful not to let emotions get the best of him. Regardless, it made the fight interesting and Midoriya still came out victorious. It came down to a quirkless shove match and Midoriya managed to push Shinso out in the end, which is funny due to the fact that Shinso still could’ve won if he was better at martial arts.

This episode did a great job of showing us how indiscreetly Todoroki loathes his father, and rightfully so. I didn’t talk about it in last weeks review but Endeavor called Todoroki his “thing”, which lets us know how much of a piece of **** Endeavor is, and further supports my theory of Endeavor becoming a villain at some point.  We also get a glimpse of Todorokis true power, which by any measure is incredible. He literally froze half of the stadium just because he was angrier than usual, making his quirk even more intimidating, and seemingly unbeatable by other students. The right side of his quirk alone makes him one of the most powerful students, but that combined with his left side looks virtually unstoppable.

Shinso is an awesome border character and I really hope the show decides to use more of him. The support he gets from his classmates after he lost the match really provides a testament to his character, he is loved by all. If anyone from general studies gets offered a hero course transfer it should be him, while not useful in physical combat, his quirk has a multitude of possibilities when trying to apprehend a villain. Todoroki seems to be a main focus of this tournament arc so we should be seeing a lot more of him in episode to come. All in all, this was a great start to the tournament arc and it looks like it’s only going to get better. Rating: A


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