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Let’s face it, Blue Exorcist has been dead for almost 6 years and I’m pretty sure every fan of it has been thinking there would never be a season 2. Then around 2016 an announcement aired saying Blue Exorcist would return and be actually canon and only 12 episodes. The reason I mention the canon line is because as many fans know the first season was only canon up to a certain point, throwing in non canon material for the remainder of the 25 episodes. So here’s the question of the day though, was the six year wait and prayer answered season 2 worth the struggle of emotion? Continue reading to find the answer.

If you’re new to Blue Exorcist or haven’t seen the first season since its release, then lets briefly sum up the season and throw it into the next. Rin Okumura is an ordinary young man until one day he learns that in reality he’s the son of Satan. It is then that he also learns about the exorcists and he makes a decision that despite being the son of Satan he wants to eventually take him down for killing his adopted father. Season 2 picks off where episode 12 ends having Rin trying to regain controls of his powers as well as his friends who learned in the first season of his hidden lineage. Topping that off a new evil force appears leading Rin, his brother Yukio and his friends to travel to Kyoto in order to stop an evil force from rising once more.

There are definitely problems with this season to be honest. The first is the issue of the arc itself. Manga readers have all come to me prior and explained that this is easily one of the most boring arcs from the series. Truth be told it is indeed being a heavy set up arc and only having real moments of action and such in the first and last few episodes. That doesn’t mean the season is a weak season, its just for some it will be considered hard to pay much attention. Add on to the fact that let’s not forget it has been several years since fans of the series had anything Blue Exorcist related, outside a movie that came out a year or so after the first season, and that leave much to be desired in terms of a strong 12 episodes. Luckily some strong writing and some interesting characters, especially the villain are very interesting and cleverly written. Season 2 of Blue Exorcist may have flaws but in the end it passes.

If anything the biggest saving grace for the new season of the series is the animation and musical score. A1 Pictures handles the art and animation for this season with some incredibly strong budgets. I was blown away how characters from the show look so much more well defined and the action, when it occurs, looks incredible. The same can be said of the musical score, for the most part the background music is mostly similar to the first season, which is a solid thing, but I want to discuss the opening song (“Drop’s Influence” by “Uverworld” ) Is incredibly powerful and easily one of the strongest of the winter 2016 season. I could honestly listen to that opening over and over without much of an issue it’s just how great it is.

In conclusion, Blue Exorcist Season 2 is for fans a god send because truly it was something that many didn’t believe would happen. While mostly a set up season, the story has strong writing and interesting moments to never make the viewer completely bored, but they will desire a lot more than what they unfortunately get. But with A1 Pictures doing an epic job in the animation and with a great musical score I can say easily that Blue Exorcist Season 2 is still a solid B- for an overall grade. Curious what I felt about episode 1 (I had some mixed impressions to be sure) check out the video down below. As always be sure to continue to comment down below your thoughts and feelings.

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