Problem With Using Character Templates

Rehashing, Reboots and recirculating old material seems to be a thing right now, if you look at bunch of Hollywood movie Reboots whatever its Planet Of The Apes, King Kong,

E3 Anime Game Reveals

This years E3 has been received with mixed results, couple of reboots happening, new sequels and obviously some new trailers for games that were showed last year like Kingdom Hearts

Top 5 Anime With Animals

Top 5 Anime With Animals

Last time i ranked my Top 10 Manga that i wanted to see as Anime and today i’m gonna rank my favorite Anime with Animal protagonists or should i say

Real Life Locations In A Silent Voice

Thanks for Imgur user arcanonph04 for sharing the real life locations in Koe No Katachi side by side comparisons. One thing I like about anime is its frequent use or reference of

Weekly Shonen Jump Rankings | May

Here is the Weekly Shonen Jump rankings for Volume #24 (Released May 2017 in Japan). Just a note – manga that have color pages are excluded from the rankings as they are

J-Box Coupon

If you are shopping at either J-List or J-Box you might want to save up some money by using a coupon. This Coupon will get you 5% Discount “MOE-Y3M-AHHXR6” at checkout