Anime YouTuber Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Minor

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A semi-popular anime YouTuber known as ReaperReacts (known from anime live reactions) has been in talks with the local police and probably will be charged with jail time (possibly 2 years) or years of probation according to a video statement he made in BiliBili.

According to our sources Reaper had a under-age girl visiting his house for 2 months and during this time he touched her (not specified where/when) and made a video about it admitting the invasion of privacy. After this the girl went to her mother and this led her to contact the police about the situation. Reaper made four short update videos about the matter, explaining what happened and these were afterwards deleted from his bilibili channel. We don’t know if this was because of the lawyers telling him to do so or perhaps he did out of his own volition.

Reaper engaged conversations with the local sheriff who recorded the discussion and Reaper admitted to the accusations and the cops told him that there will be either be a jail time or probation for him. Because of this stressful situation he has decided to stop uploading live reactions to his bilibili channel and also his YouTube channel, which he departed from a little while ago to pursue his career on bilibili.

Update #1 – According to Our Newest Source, ReapersAnimeReaction did in fact touch a young 7 year old girl in a very sexually inappropriate manner, on multiple occasions.

According to our newest source, Desert Reviews or DT (Twitter, BiliBili, YouTube) Reaper said over a Skype call between him, DT, and another friend (who will remain unnamed) that he touched a kid who happened to be a little, 7 year old girl he was babysitting. Reaper also said in the call that he touched her sexually… in the private areas. Reaper claimed the girl didn’t like it and told him to stop, but even so he did this on multiple occasions. Reaper admitted that he deserved all that he was going to get for what he did to this child.

DT and the other select people apart of the Skype chat with Reaper had no idea anything like this was going on and DT even did so much as lending money to Reaper in the past to help him out without any knowledge of what was really going on. Reaper has not yet returned these funds to DT as of this point in time.

Update #2 – RUMOR: ReapersAnimeReaction has been arrested according to Skype chat conversation.

Update #3 – We have received a mugshot of Reaper taken from the Kentucky State Police, which confirms that he was indeed arrested under the charges of #1 sexual abuse, 1st degree, victim under 12 years of age.

The story is developing and the sentence hasn’t been given yet, we are still looking into all possible sources, so expect the article to be updated and some of the information being incomplete. 

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