Problem With Using Character Templates

Rehashing, Reboots and recirculating old material seems to be a thing right now, if you look at bunch of Hollywood movie Reboots whatever its Planet Of The Apes, King Kong,

Summer 2017 Anime Guide Part 3

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Summer 2017 Anime Guide Part 2

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Summer 2017 Anime Guide

We are now reaching the end of the Spring 2017 anime season and it was downright amazing… if you only watched sequel series. Had you focused solely on the new

Suka Suka Episode 11 Review

Well that was quite an episode. After several character-focused episodes, Suka Suka’s plot is finally picking up in time for the finale next week. This episode had a lot going

10 Great Anime Series with 12 Episodes or Less

The anime community is overflowing with “must-watch” series. Ask any fan what they think you should watch and you will most likely be privy to an inundation of endorsements. Dragon